Service Body Upfits

The right service body upfit is the key to its productivity. At AFI, we offer a full line of steel, aluminum, and fiberglass service bodies from the top body manufacturers. If one of our standard configurations doesn't quite fit your needs, we can customize the body to meet your exact requirements and outfit it with near endless options.

Yes! We can do that!

  • Steel, Aluminum, Fiberglass
  • Contractor, Welder, Mechanic
  • Pipe Fitter, Concrete Cutter, KUV
  • Cantiliver, Animal Control
  • Custom Drawers & Shelves
  • Custom Requests

Why AFI for all your Service Body Upfit needs?


Whether you are gathering information, have an existing design or need help with a new truck package, we are here to help.


Because we only represent the industry’s best brands, you can rest assured knowing your AFI upfit will perform day after day. If the need arises for product support, our support team is only a phone call or email away.


When you put our design and reliability together, you have a truck that will stay on the road and that means profitability for your business.